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Specialist K rend & Thin coat silicone resin coloured Render

K Rend Specialists

What is House Rendering?

House render is a type of cladding for the exterior of the house and is just one of many cladding options. It is applied to the exterior of a home, much like plaster is applied to the interior walls. There are two main reasons for house rendering:

  • to protect the underlying walling material from the effects of weathering and rainwater penetration
  • to provide an attractive appearance to the house

A little about me…..

Mark Konieczny, Founder and Company Director of Mr Smooth Plastering Ltd specialises in all types of rendering including external wall insulation systems.
Mark has over 10 years experience in all kinds of render systems, focusing mainly on domestic properties ranging from old properties, self build projects, new build sites and commercial clients.
With 6 + years experince of using K Rend products, the client demand has increased which has resulted in the investment of two render application machines. This has enabled the team to cater for both large scale projects to small house extensions provding a quality, seamless finish every time.

Boasting a strong portfolio and a company built upon recommendations, Mark has meticulous attention to detail and passion for his work. The perfection shown in his work is a credit to his company, clearly showing the quality and standards of work.
With a small, fully trained team, Mr Smooth Plastering Ltd can promise high quality render systems with an efficient, professional approach.

K rend approved Shrewsbury

K rend Shrewsbury

Why choose external rendering?

External rendering is not only a good way to cover over bad backgrounds, but it also adds insulation values to your property, not only transforming the look of your home with a crisp colour render finish And add extensive water proofing and protect your home,  it Is also seen as an investment, which will also potentially add value to your home.

“Adding value to your home “

Specialising in modern render systems we can offer all types of high performing quality systems, with knowledge And a vast portfolio we are confident that we can create the perfect finish that will last, wheather it be new build or renovation work we can advise on suitable systems which are available to you. Experienced in all products we can offer a wide range of products to suit your specifications only using the highest quality render systems on the market.

“We only use the highest quality products for your home”

What types of Render are available?

  • Silicone resin thincoat ( our most popular system )
  • lime render
  • acrylic render
  • mineral render
  • traditional render
  • monocouche render
  • external wall insulation

K rend shrewsbury

I can visit on site with brochures and with colours & information which we can talk through at the comfort of your own home, and help and choose the correct render for your property in more depth to create the perfect finish for your home.

Machine Render:

I Can offer both Machine sprayed & Hand applied render finishes therefore we can provide a variety of textures and finishes, with a seamless consistent finish every time with our machines making a efficient and prompt finish on projects.

where can render be applied?

  • Extensions
  • Old Tired Existing Render
  • Garden Walls
  • Render boards / timber frame
  • swimming pool rooms
  • External Wall Insulation EWI
  • shop fronts / business premises / commercial
  • New Builds
  • Renovations
  • Poor Brickwork/ painted bricks
  • Feature Walls 
  • Domestic homeowners & Commercial welcome

Colour choices and inspiration?  Take a look…..

K rend Shrewsbury

K rend Specialists Shropshire

Please get in touch to find out more about the products And I can happily help & advise you on the products, and the advantages of choosing this modern render system for your property.

Examples of my previous K rend Projects can be viewed on the gallery page. portfolio & references are also available on request.

K rend rendering Shrewsbury

K rend rendering Shrewsbury